28 Apr 2014

5 days in China -with a Leica X1 part 3

The final batch of photos from my recent 5 days in China.These were all taken in Yangshou on the Li River south of Guilin.
Yangshou was just a small fishing village set in spectacular scenery and known for its fishermen who used cormorants to fish for them until about 30 years ago.Then it was discovered by western backpackers in the 1980's and 90's and it is now a booming tourist town with dozens of hotels,shops and restaurants -including of course McDonalds and KFC-and the local tourists totally outnumber the westerners.
There is plenty of local competition to the Golden Arches and KFC including as you can see from the first photo dried fish on a stick.Not something I would be game to try.
Again as you can see from the photos below you see the stark contrast between the new affluence and latest fashions of the young people and poverty and traditional ways of many of the older people.
The locals are very friendly and it is a very lively and relaxed place in a superb setting -a fact that is appreciated by the dozens of Chinese photographers with serious gear I saw around town including early in the morning when often I am the only one walking around with a camera.

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  1. Can you Smell it? Sniff, sniff...........LIFE!!!