28 Feb 2014

Where are we?

Take a close look at these photos.A meeting of the Vintage Sports Car Club.Surely a group of eccentric old Brits (Poms) one wearing a pith helmet (!) meeting in an English village with a thatched pub tucked around the next corner.
Wrong on all counts -except the pith helmet.It's a gathering of the NSW branch of the Vintage Sports Car Club - a group of Aussies- meeting at a biker's roadhouse on the Old Pacific Highway north of Berowra in NSW earlier this month.The Australian rego plates and the gumtree are the giveaways.
To quote an old English expression "There's nought as queer as folk." Queer here being its original meaning of odd.All Leica X1 photos.


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  1. Some beautiful cars, John. Looks like an entertaining group too.