27 Aug 2013

Unbelievable-Gedinne Moto TT Classic 2013

Patrick from Belgium sent me these wonderful photos of last weekend's Gedinne Moto TT Classic in Belgium.I find it difficult to believe that this event is taking place today and that this photos are not from some wonderful event 40 years ago before motor sport was taken over by lawyers and risk management experts and sponsors and PR spin doctors.There is no way you could even think about this set up in Australia today.I competed in a local hillclimb three years ago and the driver's briefing-for a little hillclimb -took 30 mins.Petty rules, disclaimers everywhere,ridiculous restrictions and an aggressive attitude ruled the day.It was my last competitive event.Life is too short for that nonsense.How wonderful to see that some events still are relaxed and accessible and fun.
No need for long lenses at this event-just stand on the edge of the track. Photos from a little Sony RX100.Thanks Patrick .

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  1. I love motorcycles. These here are especially lovable. Thank you for putting them up on The Rolling Road.