8 Aug 2013

Street art and grafitti

Grafitti seems to be out of control across much of Europe.Even in central Paris where they are trying to remove it as soon as it appears at street level it is being sprayed on at roof top level.Just look up in Paris and you will probably see some grafitti.
Rome seems to have totally abandoned the fight and it is everywhere.Here in Australia it is not so bad although coming into Sydney by train it is bad in the inner areas facing the tracks-along walls,trackside cabinets and on staunchions.They are working hard to keep it off the rolling stock and now the railway yards are surrounded by razor wire.
It is an ugly blight.An urban leprosy.
Anyway enough of this gloom-it's a fine line between street art and the more attractive examples of grafitti so here is some more entertaining street art including some grafitti from Montpellier in France.A photographer wall mural followed by a grafitti style shop blind decoration and some pure grafitti on an abandoned shop door.Photos June 2013 Leica X1

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