8 Aug 2013

Lotus flower power

Just an oddity from the 1960s courtesy of Roger Putnam.A road going "flower power" Lotus Formula Ford created to go onto the Lotus stand at the 1967 UK Earls Court Motor Show but actually turned down by the show organisers-at least they had taste.Surely this was intended not as a serious project and just a talking point for the show stand although Roger says that they did drive it around London's Hyde Park.Not a car to impress the girlfriend.All a bit cheesy and perhaps surprising as at the time Lotus were really at the top of their game in Formula 1 with the Lotus 49.Maybe I have forgotten and the late 60's were a bit cheesy all round.
The wally behind the wheel is not anyone famous or notable as far as we know.Just a wally who wanted to sit in a silly car.

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