12 Dec 2012

More Digilux 1

The Rolling Road has been blogging for nearly two years and during that time out of all the stories and photos two posts are by far the most popular in terms of visitors-every day at least a dozen people view a story on RM Williams boots -don't ask me why but it must have something to do with the way search engines work and close behind that is the post on the Vintage Digilux 1.Maybe there is little else on the internet on this vintage digital camera .
Not only is the Digilux post visited very frequently-as many as ten visits every day is normal- but it has generated more emails to me than any other story and I know of three readers who have bought a Digilux 1 as a result of this post -- which is extraordinary.If you believed the internet forums on the Digilux 1 you would believe that it is a crude,outdated device unworthy of serious consideration .It may well be many of these  but it does take very good photos and at the end of the day that is what cameras are supposed to do.The fact that some do handstands and sing songs along the way is not relevant.

So here below are some more Digilux 1 photos.The first three are infra red photos taken recently be me in a local national park.I use an infra red filter on the Leica lens hood/filter ring and shoot the images as colour TIFF files which I convert into black and white in Lightroom 4.The Digilux has an odd,  very useful and rare characteristic which allows it to shoot infra red whereas most recent digital cameras have a filter on the sensor which blocks infra red.

I have had Lighroom on my computer for nearly three years .I thought that LR 3 was great but I upgraded to Lightroom 4 early this year and it really is a great tool and well worth the price of the upgrade.There have been big improvements in the processing "engine" and I have been amazed at what it can.

The superb shot of the sunflowers was taken at an undisclosed location by Roger Putnam -the first owner of my Digilux 1- as was the photo of Ludlow Castle in the UK.

The final group were taken at the Le Mans 24 hour races of 2004 and 2006.

If you want to join the exclusive group of Digilux 1 fans and acquire one of these unusual cameras they seem to be regularly advertised on eBay or can be found in enthusiast camera shops-if you can find one-from time to time .But prices do seem to be creeping up.Word may be out.

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