29 Dec 2016

Surfers in the mist

Surfers in the mist at 6.30 am today on Terrigal Beach. It was a scorching day-as forecast. It "only" reached 35ºC here in Terrigal but it was much hotter a few kilometres inland as I found when I went to Erina to buy beer and pool chemicals.
With the grandchildren gone and the house cleared up after all the excitement of the last few days it was a day for doing as little as possible. I checked the pool chemistry, went shopping and spent the rest of the day in the pool or reading a book. It's going to be hot overnight and another hot one tomorrow.
Whatever your age this heat is debilitating and you certainly notice it more as you get older. With weather like this my photography is going to be confined to my early morning walk by the beach for the next few days. I am definitely not planning to be taking either of the Porsches out until it cools off. It's not good for the cars and it is most definitely not good for the driver.

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