12 Oct 2016

Maitland Bay

I don't take landscapes or seascapes very often. I am not good at shooting them and perhaps illogicaly for me they are far less interesting photographically than people and the things I usually shoot. However I am making this exception as I went for a good long walk today on the coastal path in the Bouddi National Park from Killcare Beach to Maitland Bay and back with friend Peter who does shoot seascapes and landscapes really well-see Landscape
It was a perfect day for a long walk-crystal clear,warm but not hot.There was very heavy swell running to add drama.The whole walk is spectacular - surely one of the most beautiful walks in NSW just 80kms from the Sydney CBD and only 20 minutes drive from home.
By way of a change I took out the Sony a7 fitted with a Zeiss Biogon 28mm lens. I took only a few shots and I was not surprised to find that nearly all of them were very ordinary-just records of great scenery. However I did feel that this one is perhaps worth putting up -I junked the rest.

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