30 Oct 2016

A day at the races

I went to the big Muscle Car Masters historic race meeting at Sydney Motorsport Park yesterday.
I did not see much of the racing and I hardly took any photos-I spent so much time talking to friends and people I knew including some people whom I used to know well but whom I had not seen for years. It was that sort of a day.

I did come away with just one good photo -this portrait of Doug Barbour who races a Porsche 911 Carrera in Group S. Shots of drivers wearing their helmets nowadays are often very similar with a small squashed part of a face peering through the aperture but this one is better because Doug wears an open face as opposed to a full face helmet. I caught Doug just as he was about to climb into the car to go out for his qualifying session.

For those who are interested the photo was taken with the Leica Q at f1.7 and is a jpeg shot with the settings at low contrast and low saturation.

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