12 Jul 2016

Mighty Big Mini

My first car was a Mini Traveller bought used in 1969. The highlights of many a race at Brands Hatch and Crystal Palace in the 1960s were the giant killing performances of the Minis. See photo below taken by me at Brands Hatch in I think 1969 -understeer redefined.

 I owned and competed in a Mini Cooper S for quite a few years in the 1990's and did the Targa Tasmania in it in 1996.  I have a soft spot for Minis although no way would I drive an early one today-way too small and too close to the accident for my liking. Photo below shows me at the wheel of mine on the very wet Targa-conditions which suited the Mini.

Friend Brett's partner has just bought a new generation LWB 4 door Mini Cooper S. Brett tells me she only had eyes for the Mini-it was an easy sale for the dealer.
This photo really brings it home how unMini like the Mini now is. Not quite a Maxi but surely Midi is more appopriate?

Both my photos taken with Leicas. Brands Hatch taken with a Leica 3A and 50mm Elmar lens. Brett's garage 2016 taken with a Leica X1.

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