15 Jul 2016

A milestone

I'm 70 today-15th July. Looking forward at 70 is not easy. Looking back is more pleasurable.
I recently found this photo of me taken in 1978. Since then my hair has retreated a long way. My shorts are longer. I've grown more cautious about going out in the sun. Was I really that tanned then? No wonder I keep having to have nasty things cut off my skin nowadays. My taste in beer has improved. My backyard barbecue is much more sophisticated and my cooking technique has improved or so I claim. And I'm still laughing or trying to and for some reason despite being right handed i still wear my watch on my right wrist.
Here's to the next X years........


  1. Congratulations on the milestone and thank you again for your exceptional blog and sharing the photos and memories.

  2. Great photo John . . . living the dream, though shorts were worryingly tight in the 70s. Here's to another 30+ years!