20 Jun 2016

To finish first,first you have to finish.

Even the most committed Porsche fan would surely be feeling sorry for Toyota this morning. At the Le Mans 24 hours race over the weekend Porsche and Toyota battled for the lead for 24 hours-well actually 23 hours and 57 minutes. Porsche lost one car from the front runners early in the race due to a water pump failure. The remaining Porsche and the two works Toyotas ran head to head for the whole race which nowadays is run like a long sprint with F1 style superquick pitstops.
When it looked as if Toyota had the edge on the Porsche to take the chequered flag the leading Toyota faltered and lost power-3 minutes from victory. Porsche won and although the Toyota did eventually cross the line its final lap was too slow and it was not counted as a finisher. The other Toyota came home second.
By all accounts it was an extraordinary race and one can only feel for the Toyota team-always the bridesmaid never the bride.
So Porsche won the world's greatest motor race for the second year running but this time luck played a major role.
Meanwhile in Baku in faraway Azerbaijan a country most of us could not find on a map the silly F1 circus was rolling on with another so predictable win for Mercedes. Won't someone tell those guys that they are very,very boring.

On Instagram see @24heuresdumans for some superb photography of the Le Mans 24 hour race and aftermath.

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