6 Jun 2016


We've just had a massive two day storm on the eastern coast of Australia. The fiercest storm for 32 years. Wind gusts of upto 100kmh combined with torrential rain-over 200mm in 24 hours in some places-and to top it off by a bizarre coincidence on Sunday evening the biggest king tide of the year. The result has been extensive flooding,serious wind damage and massive erosion and damage along the coastline. Here in Terrigal the damage has been devastating. Quite literally our beautiful beach has gone as have large parts of the esplanade. It is a scene of utter chaos and it is going to be a big clean up.
This afternoon the storm was gone but the surf was still massive and the surfers were out en mass. I got this shot using my Sony a7 with the 150mm Zeiss Sonnar lens from my Hasselblad fitted to the a7 with an adapter.
I took quite a few photos but it is all a matter of timing,light and a large helping of luck. Just one nailed it. I junked the rest.

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