26 May 2016


Concentration-grandson,Otto,playing with his model racing car transporter.
I used rangefinder Leica cameras for 40 years ending up with an M6 for the last 20 years upto 2008. Rangefinder cameras are manually focussed and the focussing is done by aligning two images in the viewfinder as you turn the focus ring on the lens. It can be very accurate and quick but needs skill and a lot of practice to do accurately every time. Apart from the fact that the M6 was not digital one of the reasons I sold it was the fact that I found very accurate focussing with the rangefinder was becoming increasingly difficult due to my weakening eye sight.
However I did like to use wide aperture lenses wide open to give a very narrow depth of field and to accurately focus on one point.
Using the Sony a7 with a vintage F1.8 50mm Minolta lens wide open manual focussing using the electronic focus peaking system is very easy and accurate. In this case I focussed just on Otto's nearest eyelashes. A lot easier and more accurate than it would be for me with a Leica rangefinder nowadays and strangely more satisfying than relying on autofocus. Nice IQ from the vintage Minolta lens-A$50 from EBay-and nice colour rendition.Sony RAW file processed in LR.

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