10 Apr 2016

And now it's free

The Nik Creative Collection was launched a few years ago to great acclaim. Photographers found it a very useful set of tools-particularly the Silver EFX colour to black and white conversion. When it was launched the Collection was priced at over $400 here in Australia .
Google bought out Nik three years ago and cut the price to about $150. It was a real bargain. I bought the Collection then and have found it very useful.
But there's more -now Google are giving the Creative Collection away for free- for niks you could say.
It can only be used as a plug in with Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom but if you have these apps and you are interested in photography and you don't already have the Nik Collection don't delay.
It is not known why Google have taken this route but one fears the worst and it may not be with us for too much longer so don't miss out. It really is a useful set of tools and tools do not come cheaper than free.
A few examples of my conversions using the Collection below.The link to the free download is NIK CREATIVE COLLECTION

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