29 Mar 2016

A changed look

Regular readers will notice a changed look to the blog.
Firstly a new header photo.It shows a very rocky rolling road and was taken by me on Tin Cup Pass in the US Rockies in Colorado in 1993 whilst on a vehicle launch with Land Rover N America.I used my Leica M6 with a 28mm Elmarit lens and Fuji Velvia film.
This was a fantastic trip. The weather was glorious and we drove through some amazing scenery on very difficult terrain. We camped out and on the first night I shared a tent with the LRNA President who snored like a horse. Unable to stand it after an hour or so I moved myself and my sleeping bag outside. It was wonderful  sleeping under the most amazing view of the stars I have ever seen. In the morning I was severely chastised as apparently bears often roam through the camp sites at night looking for food.The next night I found some airline earplugs in my bag and stayed in the tent.
Secondly I have gone back to a white on black look for two reasons. Firstly if the blog is viewed on a mobile device using the blogger app this is how it has looked for some time and so now the look is uniform however it is viewed. Secondly I do feel that the photos look better against the black background.
I will be making some other changes to the style and content of the blog going forward. I have also succumbed to the lure of Instagram and have opened an account -therollingroad.So far this has only featured photos which have appeared on the blog in the last few weeks.It seems to be attracting quite a few views.

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