9 Sep 2015

A special place

A change of pace -from race track to bush track.
I have lived on the Central Coast of NSW for seven years and in that time I have explored on foot much of the local Bouddi National Park.But yesterday friend,Peter,took me to to a part I had never visited with what must be one of the most spectacular stretches of coastline in NSW. It is pristine and just 30 mins drive from home. It requires negotiating a very rutted dirt track for about 3 kms.You do not need an SUV to traverse it but you do need a vehicle with decent ground clearance.
You arrive at the top of an isolated headland where you have to leave the car. You can glimpse the Sydney CBD in the very far distance.The walk down to Tallow Bay and Little Tallow Bay is a steep exposed rough dirt track. It was a manageable walk yesterday in a cool 20ºC but not something I would attempt on a hot day.It is very exposed and there is no shade.On the way down we met an older guy coming up carrying his surf board.That looked like hard work.
It's certainly worth the effort. The two bays are just beautiful with coastal vistas into the distance.Perhaps the most surprising thing about the location is that it is just 2 hours drive from the Sydney CBD and yet it is so unspoilt.
I won't go on as I sound like a tourism brochure but it was a great find and I wish that I had found it sooner. I will return another day when the light is more exciting  to do some panoramas from the headland. In the meantime two photos -Tallow Bay (top) and Little Tallow Bay.

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