2 Jul 2015

Early morning -Far from the Madding Crowd

I have just seen the recently released movie-Far from the Madding Crowd.The director certainly likes "golden hour" light as almost all the exterior scenes are bathed in golden light.The cast and crew must have had a lot of very early mornings.
The movie has been widely acclaimed by the critics but whilst there is no doubt that the acting and the cinematography are excellent it left me underwhelmed.It is just too bucolic.Even the beggars look like their clothes have just been bought and roughed up a little.The lead man always looks as if he has come straight from the hairdresser.And as for the countryside it looks,well,bucolic. An idyllic picture of Victorian rural England when the reality was very different.
But maybe I have missed the point and the producers did in fact intend to show a romanticised world and not real life.
Whichever it is I hope Australia's Prime Minister does not see it - he is already intent on dragging Australia back to the 1960s- as he may well be tempted to go further and take us back to the 1870s. Indeed the scene where the hero loses everything when his flock of sheep go over a cliff and he is reduced to abject poverty without any welfare or social security would really resonate with the Government.I can just picture the Treasurer and Finance Minister chortling at his misery and lighting up a couple of Havanas at that point.
Here's my take on early morning light in Portland,Oregon June 2015.No happy peasants pitching hay or rosy cheeked wenches smiling at the yokels in the fields there- -but so many beautiful mornings-I'm fortunate to be a morning person.Leica X1 photos.


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