9 Apr 2015

That oaf and some unusual cars

So the BBC has sacked the revolting Clarkson-host of Top Gear.
What took them so long?
Annabel Crabb writing in last Sunday's Sun-Herald in Sydney put it succinctly.
"Clarkson has provided a new and useful answer to the question whether it is possible for the rich and very succesful to exist above normal society rules.The BBC said "no" and Clarkson is now free to be awful to people on his own coin.He is not expected to struggle;in recent days the state-run Russian military channel Zvezda has offered him a job,confirming that there is still a country on Earth where self-obsessed oafs who had bad jeans and untreatable boy-toy fixations are valued.So much so that they have "voted" one in as president."

Imagine that- Putin and Clarkson together on Rusky Gear.Putin would surely have along his new best friend the equally obnoxious Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 supremo, who according to Motor Sport magazine, said recently that Putin is a great man who could sort out Europe if he was given the chance. Let's hope for all our sakes that he does not get the chance.

I have personally experienced Clarkson's dishonest and oafish behaviour first hand.The sad thing is that so many now regard that sort of behaviour as acceptable because Clarkon was their role model.The oaf in bad jeans has a lot to answer for.

After getting that off my chest I should throw up a couple of interesting car photos.Both taken last week at the monthly Pie in the Sky car meet.
Firstly a real rare 'un -at least here in Australia.A Fiat X1/9.And not just any Fiat X1/9 but one which has either been stored under very sterile conditions for 35 years or which has been so beautifully restored that it looks like new and not restored.The owner was not at hand to tell its story but hopefully I will see him at a future PITS meeting.

Secondly a 1966 Ford Thunderbird.Like a giant blue whale and with side windows so tinted that it must be very difficult to drive at night except with the windows wound down.The car has obviously been converted to RHD because the steering wheel is markedly offset to the left in relation to the driver's seat.Which must make driving a bit odd.I could not see whether the pedals are also offset because the side windows were too dark.Not my taste in cars but good to see nonetheless.

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