13 Apr 2015

A Sunday drive in the country

A great turnout of classic Porsches on Sunday for a run to the Great Northern Trading Post in tiny Laguna in the lower Hunter.The road to Laguna skirts a vast area of wilderness and although it is only 120kms N of Sydney it really is deep in the country.It wasn't so long ago that the road to Laguna was dirt and even today Laguna has no mobile phone reception.On my recce for the drive three weeks ago on a hot day I nearly hit a very large goanna-probably 2 metres in length- basking on the road.Hitting a goanna of that size at 100kmh would have been serious.
Sunday was beautiful -a Kodachrome sort of day,superb scenery and great driving roads and very little traffic.And we had a water pumper along but not any old water pumper-Andy Purvis' superb ex racer 924 CGT -and it's the genuine article.My car of the day.

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  1. I wish I didn't have to fly back to Melbourne now.

    Colours look very Kodachrome.