11 Mar 2015

Too connected?

There are very few electric cars here in Australia.I saw a Tesla once but that's it.There are plenty of hybrids but pure electric cars are very rare. I have no knowledge of their functionality so when David Young -who divides his time between Paris and Sydney,lucky man- sent me this photo of an electric Smart plugged in on the street in Paris I asked myself whether it is possible to drive off with the car still plugged in.
It would be very easy to do particularly when the car is parked on the "wrong" side as in the photo.The driver approaches from the front and is looking at his keys as he gets in and completely forgets about the charging lead.Is there an override or warning buzzer to stop him driving away whilst still connected?
I once drove our SUV away from the family's camping tent whilst the SUV's battery was still hooked up to a light in the tent.It pulled half the tent down before I realised what was happening.
On the same theme now when I have my cars on a trickle charger in the garage I leave the charger's box on the driving seat to remind me.Perhaps the Smart driver uses the same trick.

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