24 Jan 2015

On the street -Chicago

I just found this photo which I had previously overlooked.It was taken with the Leica X1 on a Chicago street on a very hot day in 2012.It was very much a grabbed shot and there was no time to think about the composition.The X1 is slow to start up and was slow to autofocus-it is faster now as there has been a firmware update- so getting this shot in focus was just pure luck.
The old guy panhandling on the fire hydrant is watching the world go by as he shakes his cup and he should not be complaining about the view of the world at this instant.It's a pity his interesting expression is not more visible.
I often/usually make this style of street photograph black and white but as it is high summer on this shot colour adds to the atmosphere.I tried it in black and white and it does not work.

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