14 Jan 2015

Always Paris

The events in Paris in the last 7 days have been truly evil .But so for that matter have been events in Nigeria and Syria and Pakistan.There are a lot of evil people on the planet currently.And the west cannot take the moral highground.Invading a country without a UN mandate and any justifiable reason and using drones and fighter jets to assasinate people in foreign lands and then passing off massive civilian casualties as "collateral damage" strikes me as being evil too.

So I won't resort to social media superficiality and add the words or hashtag "Je Suis Charlie"to the blog.My voice or silly hashtag sadly will not change a thing so all I can do is to flip to distraction mode and think of the good things in life and in France in particular and what better place to start than lunch.

Lunch in France and in Paris in particular is still a big deal.If you have not found a seat in your favourite restaurant by 12.45 you may well be unlucky.It's a tradition I heartily support-long may it continue. Here's my personal take on the Parisien lunch- with sunshine and laughter -commodities in very short supply in the last 7 days. Let's hope that I get many more opportunities to add to this personal portfolio.Leica X1 and Canon G7 photos.


  1. These are great. The second one from the top is particularly good, the detail the texture, the subject all top notch.

  2. Thank you anon.It's always good to get comments on the blog and even better when they are so appreciative.