10 Jan 2015

5 photos in 20 minutes

I'm out on my daily exercise walk at or even before 6.00am almost every day of the year.It's a routine I have had for many years and which I try and maintain even when I am travelling.I don't do lying in.I often, but not always, take my camera-invairably the Leica X1 because it is compact and light and has a fixed lens and a very easy to use viewfinder.It's a great "street" camera. I carry it in my hand with the strap wrapped around my hand so that I don't look or feel like a dorky tourist.
I am very fortunate to live in a beautiful place and the weather is usually kind to me on my walk. Over the years I have taken many worthwhile photos on my walks -at home and away.This morning was exceptional.I grabbed 5 worthwhile shots in just 20 minutes.The camera metadata confirms the timing.I actually took 8 photos in total but 3 were different angles on the 5 subjects.
The first,inevitable,cat shot was taken just up my street.The pick of the crop for me has to be the lady with her dog.People ask me how do you get a shot like that.It's easy. I saw this happy lady and her seriously big dog strolling along the esplanade and I just asked her outright-"please can I take your photo." She was delighted to pose.If you don't ask you won't get the chance.
Here they are -5 photos taken between 5.58am and  6.17 am today 10th January in Terrigal.


  1. The painterly quality of 3 and 4 is delightful. And number 5 must be one of the best photographic jokes so far this year!