29 Dec 2014

The Pick of 2014

Over 250 photos have appeared on the blog during 2014 so selecting a year end "pick of" selection is not easy.I have selected photos taken by me which for me best evoke the atmosphere of a place or event.
The selection includes photos of the Le Mans Classic,China,Hong Kong,France and in particular Paris,Germany,Austria and Australia.
I really like photographing people and 65% of the photos I have selected contain people.Any selection I make has to include photos of Porsches and of course cats although in this case it is not one of my cats which makes the cut.Most of the photos were taken with the Leica X1.

1 comment:

  1. Well, you surely took a good number of fine photos in 2014! If I had been reading your blog regularly for the last couple of months, it would have maybe inspired me to go out and try to take some pictures.