1 Nov 2014

A very hot Porsche 2.7

Drove the 136kms up to the Luskintyre Tiger Moth airfield in the Hunter Valley with a group of Porsches today.More on the airfield later.I was planning to take the 2.2 but with a forecast of temperatures in the high 30sC (100ºF) I decided to take the airconditioned 2.7.Most of the journey is on motorway including the very newly opened and very impressive M15 Hunter Expressway.
It was very hot.Probably some of the hottest driving conditions I have ever experienced in the 2.7.On the way back a group of us cruised at 110kmh on the motorway and the temperature gauge of my car was slowly advancing towards the red zone and the oil pressure was sagging.Not critically low but not too far off.The aircon worked a treat though and I definitely made the right call there and the car never missed a beat and purred there and back.Although it is conventional to describe the 911 models upto the 996 as air cooled they are in fact oil cooled so it's the oil which really has a hard time in conditions like today.
The oil is cooled in the 2.7 by what is known as trombone oil cooler so named because it is a pipe shaped like a trombone-why I do not know-and is located inside the front rh wheel arch.If the car ran that hot frequently I would fit a bigger oil cooler but usually it runs a little on the cool side.
As I always do after a long drive I checked the oil when I reached home and the dipstick was too hot to handle with bare hands and oil filler neck was belching out oil fumes.On a 911 you have to check the oil at operating temperature (no problems there today) and with the engine running.
Photo shows the 2.7 at a new rest area on the Hunter Expressway on the way up.The pool underneath it is water off the aircon.Leica X Vario photo.

I just made it home and into the pool before an enormous electrical storm came through.It did not last long but it did the garden some good and put some water in the rainwater tanks.Photo above shows the storm over Terrigal as seen from home.

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