13 Oct 2014

Twinkle,twinkle little car.

I was at the Porsche Club of NSW 2014 Concours at Newington Armoury,Sydney Olympic Park yesterday.The event was originally scheduled for six weeks ago but had to be cancelled as the venue was waterlogged.The earlier date had been chosen to avoid the heat which has been a problem in the last few years.It was hot yesterday so it was back to square one.

There was a record entry for the event - over 180 cars-but although there were, as always, quite a few really nice cars and a few oddballs-see below-there were no"star" cars this year.No cars which made me go -wow.Perhaps my Porsche palette has become jaded after seeing all those gorgeous cars at the Le Mans Classic back in July.

I made a big effort this year and entered both my cars which were cleaned and polished with assistance from mon ami mate,Warren.
They both looked superb.Thanks Warren.I must make a big effort to keep them upto approaching this standard.
Warren also assisted by driving the yellow 2.7 down.He was able to enjoy the aircon on the 90 minute hot drive home.The 2.2 with its black interior and vinyl bucket seats was very hot when I got in it to drive home and it did not cool down and I emerged from driving it looking like I'd had a serious bladder malfuncton.

I find it increasingly difficult to take original and interesting photos at these events.I just took along my little X1 and only shot a few frames as most of my time was spent talking about Porsches.

My two cars -left and centre -alongside Colin Wilson-Brown's 2.4

An early start from Terrigal meant that we were on the field by 8.00am

David Nicholls explaining some obtuse technical point on his 356S to a very attentive audience.

Paul Nieuwenhuis polishing hard -he was in the top Concours class.Serious Q-tips territory.
Seeing one slant nose in Australia is a rare event yet alone two.
Judges' briefing
John Marroszeky went to the Le Mans Classic and came back with a T-shirt.
I had not seen this 914-6 cabriolet before.Nicely done - but how stiff is it .Unfortunately it reminds me of a Reliant Scimitar SS 1.

I saw this Speedster creation before it was complete and reserved my final judgement until I saw the completed car.It is very well executed and it does look well special.

Looking at Porsche 928s can have a soporific effect.........
This 356 was not to my taste.Too much bling.I would not have been surprised if someone had told me that Mickey and Minnie Mouse had arrived in it.

In marked contrast to Mickey Mouse's car is Terry Lawlor's beautiful and totally understated 356 Speedster.My pick for People's Choice award.

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