9 Oct 2014

F1 musical chairs

Whilst I have only a very passing interest in formula one nowadays I was amused to see on the TV news a few days ago that sportsman of the decade Sebastian
Vettel is moving from the Red Bull team to Ferrari for the 2015 season replacing Phillippe Alonso who is moving to McLaren for some ridiculous sum of money.
It certainly looks if Vettel,Mark Webber's nemesis,has thrown his teddy bear out of the pram after having his arse well and truly roasted this season by his team mate Australian newcomer Daniel Ricciardo aka known as "smiley boy".Daniel is unique amongst the current crop of F1 drivers in that he has kept his amiable personality intact despite being caught up in the wanker's circus also known as F1.How long that lasts we will see.
I have not seen any F1 racing this year but I am told that Vettel's body language is wonderful to behold.A very sore loser is that boy.
The Ferraris have not been on the pace for a couple of years and as usual team politics have come into the picture.I can't see Seb handling that environment very well.
I don't have a current F1 photo-I don't do photos of catch fencing- but this Kodachrome slide of the Mclaren team at the Italian GP in Monza in 1981 is more interesting anyway.Taken by me in the Saturday afternoon practice session it shows the McLaren-Ford of Italian driver Andre de Cesaris.
How about the tight shirts of the technicians and of course the cigarette sponsorship? Both are long gone-fortunately.
 Ron Dennis-control freak extraordinaire-had just taken over as team boss at Mclaren for the 1981 season.He returned as team boss  for 2014 after a few years away making the people in some other part of his now very large McLaren empire miserable.
Go on and call me an old curmudgeon but on the subject of the rotten state of formula 1-what was once the pinnacle of motor sport-I know that my views are shared by many others as the rapidly declining worldwide TV audience numbers attest.

Footnote-I have just learnt that Andre De Cesaris was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in Rome last weekend.I was unaware of this when posting this story earlier in the week.A strange coincidence.

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