9 Oct 2014

Air New Zealand launch Sardine Class

There are so many lifestyle benefits to living in Australia and New Zealand but one of the downsides is that it takes a long flight to get to another country.From Sydney it is a 13 hour flight to the west coast of the US and Canada- 14 hours on the return leg due to headwinds-and most European destinations are a 20 plus hours flight taking in one refuelling stop.
Sitting on a plane for 20 hours is a pain.In the pointy end-First Class or Business Class it is just about bearable but back in Economy/Coach it is no fun whatsoever.
But Air New Zealand who fly some of the longest routes in the world have just made it even less fun.They are reconfiguring their Boeing 777s to introduce "Sardine Class"-my description not theirs.
Now I know airlines are struggling.The budget airlines have flooded the markets with too much capacity and they are not making money and the legacy full service airlines such as Air New Zealand,Qantas and Air France are desperate to cut costs.But Air New Zealand's approach is a step too far ---see this link SARDINE CLASS
I desperately hope that other airlines do not follow Air NZ on this.It looks like hell.I believe it carries serious health risks-DVT-and also safety issues.I am very surprised that the US FAA has certified this configuration for flights into the US.
Shame on you Air NZ.

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