18 Jul 2014

Le Mans Classic 2014-Part 2

The second batch of my Le Mans Classic photos.It really was rain and shine and in a few races cars were out on dry tyres when a storm cell swept in.They wisely red flagged a couple of races when this happened to allow the cars to make it back to the pits to change tyres for a restart.
As the Classic uses the full Le Mans circuit maintaining the marshalling and support services over the 24 hour period is a big logistics exercise.
For many drivers driving at Le Mans is the stuff of dreams but it is not for the feint hearted.Even with all the circuit improvements over the years -in particular the incorporation of big runoff areas--it is still potentially a very dangerous track because of the high speeds.
The car parks at the Classic are full of interesting cars.It would be quite easy to spend a few hours looking at the exotica in the car parks and it's definitely the same story with the paddock and club display areas.I am sure that some spectators at the Classic never saw any of the racing.
Even the local police entered into the spirit of the Classic this year with period police cars and period uniforms.That's the local polce chief below equipped with what I suspect may be a stuck on moustache but on the other hand it may well be real.Anyway good on him for being such a good sport and posing for photos.

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