20 May 2014

Staring out to sea

Although according to a local TV station the whale watching season starts in 11 days no one told the whales which have already started their migration north.Some were spotted in Sydney Harbour yesterday so I climbed up the Skillion at Terrigal this morning with my binoculars and scanned the flat ocean for 50 mins.Not a sign of a whale.I managed to capture on my iPhone the most exciting moment when a yacht sailed past.
Waiting for whales can be like waiting for a bus.Nothing for a long time then a few arrive at once.But as there are apparently very large numbers of whales migrating this year I am sure that in a few weeks I will see plenty of them.
An iPhone panorama photo and that is a join in the panorama not a step in the sea on the horizon.I should not whinge.Twelve years ago I spent $85 on some clunky panorama stitching software for my PC.Now even my phone takes and stitches panoramas.

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