17 May 2014

Coming soon -Le Mans 2014

It's now only a few weeks to the 2014 Le Mans 24 hour race and Porsche's hopefully glorious return to the front runners.The new 919 hybrid LMP1 car has had two races so far.It made a strong debut in front of a huge crowd in the Silverstone 6 hours and came third behind two Toyotas-good for the first race although the car has lots of kms of testing under its tyres.It did not do so well at the Spa 6 hours two weeks ago finishing fourth behind two Toyotas and the second placed Audi.But Le Mans is the acid test.Expectations are high.
 I cannot make the 24 hour race however I am going to the Le Mans Classic in July-which is a sort of second prize but in some ways probably more enjoyable and certainly less hectic.The spectator numbers at the 24 hour race are going to be huge and they will put the facilities both on and off the circuit under a lot of pressure.
I have been thinking that it would be great to buy a fancy new all singing and all dancing camera/lens combination to take some great action shots at the Classic and then I dug out a few I took at the 2012 meeting and decided to put such thoughts behind me and stick with what I have.
The two photos below were taken with my now vintage Canon G9 using a Canon 1.5x teleconverter.

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