14 Jan 2014

I want one - but it must be yellow

I am not a big fan of the latest model of the Porsche 911 as I feel that whilst it is an superb example of automotive engineering it is too big,way too complex,too heavy and just too far away from the original 911 concept of a lightweight, nimble sports car.However I do like the Cayman which I feel now embodies the spirit of the original 911and which also looks great - particularly in its latest version.Oddly the Cayman is not that popular in Australia.Plenty of 911s and Boxsters and Cayennes on the roads but very few Caymans and even fewer Panameras.The latter I can understand but I'd take a Cayman over a Boxster any day.Australia is not really a good place for convertibles unless you like sunstroke-as I know from experience.
Jen,whom I met at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart back in 2012, who lives in Singapore and has a collection of Porsches sent me this recent photo of his Cayman.I love yellow Porsches and it's great to see a Cayman in a colour other than silver,white or black although Jen tells me that the colour is actually Perodit Green but digital camera sensors seem to be confused by this colour and it looks "yellow".I want one anyway.

Singapore is a  small city/state and it is most definitely not a car friendly place.The cost of buying and registering a car -and running it as they have road pricing-is astronomical.And there are no Porsche friendly driving roads in Singapore itself- you have to cross the causeway into Malaysia and that presents other challenges.It all sounds way too hard and yet there are Porsche enthusiasts there and Porschefile Jen must be up there as one of the most enthusiastic.He is also into really adventurous long distance drives- not in Porsches.Hopefully I will be able to persuade him to share the story of what sounds like an amazing drive he has planned later this year.
The photo below shows his car and his local Singapore Porsche club members up in Phuket in Thailand.Bit more of a drive than our local Australian morning runs.Sadly there were very few early Porsches in Singapore and what there were disappeared (exported to Australia and NZ?) when the rego system changed years ago.

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