23 Jan 2014

Fiddle repairs and vintage digital photos

Clarence Boudreau repairs fiddles.Well he repairs violins and other string instruments -see  Fiddle Repairs.He lives in a log house in Sidney- see photo below-on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada just across the strait from the city of Vancouver.
He also takes photos - some of which have previously appeared on TRR . See A photographer's tale .
Clarence does not use the latest digital gear.Perhaps not surprisingly he takes the vintage route.Since the Photographer's Tale blog story appeared he has acquired a vintage Leica Digilux 2 to use alongside his even more vintage Digilux 1 and this is described in Canada Day.
The Digilux 2 is a special camera.Today the specification seems very dated-just 5mp for example- but it has a quite exceptional lens and Digilux 2's sell for very strong prices when they come on the market and some are still used today by top level professional photographers .
He recently sent me some more Digilux 2 photos .Now he does have an unfair advantage that he lives in a very beautiful place but I particularly like the autumn (fall) scene-OK it's pure chocolate box but the colour rendition is so mellow.
Clarence has just told me that he has purchased a Ricoh Caplio GX100.Another vintage digital camera and one I had not even heard of.

 I think that I can say without fear of contradiction that Clarence seems to take the road less travelled in life.Clarence,thanks for the photos of a beautiful place which I was fortunate to visit way back in January 1998.Sadly I did not take any photos then.

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