10 Dec 2013

Time for Time out

                                                                   Avoca Beach,Central Coast ,NSW,Australia.December 2013.

The Rolling Road has been posting photos and stories for 3 years.So far 659 posts have appeared and nearly 1000 photos and there have been hundreds of thousands of page views from all over the world.Which is great.I am glad that so many have enjoyed this modest blog.But it's time for a break.Time out to regroup and get some fresh material-and to think about the format of the blog going forward into 2014.Should it just meander on or should it try and become something different?Should I continue with my compact fixed lens camera photography or should I go back to a bag full of gear and a more adventerous style?Should the blog continue with its eclectic mix of subjects or become purely photography?
Or should it become something entirely different?
Keep an eye out -TRR should be back soon after the holiday and hopefully by then I will have decided which direction to take it.Wherever you are - enjoy the holidays and thanks for visiting TRR.

1 comment:

  1. Hi John.
    Have been a backseat viewer of therollingroad.blogspot for over a year now.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it, and have recommended to a number of friends.
    All the very best in your decision making, as you take it forward.

    (and, additionally, thank you for your advice re cameras a year ago. I went ahead at that time and bought a Canon S110, and have been really pleased with its pocketability combined with image quality from a 1.7 sensor. However, must admit that today I purchased a Fujifilm X100 as you had once suggested over a cup of coffee. I'm going to try as you've always advised - single lens, large sensor and one focal length, in order to think about the image and not the technology).
    All the best,
    Wayne Gerlach.