27 Sep 2013

Singapore F1 Grand Prix bore

Well it was the Singapore F1 GP last weekend .Held as usual under lights around a street circuit in the evening.Staging it in the evening is a big plus for the thousands who can watch the race from their hotel room balconies because as they inevitably start to doze off watching it is only a few short steps before they are in bed and pushing out zeds.And they would have been early into bed last sunday because,surprise,surprise Figjam* Vettel led from the first lap to the finish.Yawn,yawn, yawn.
The formula one fun police were out in force penalising Mark Webber ten grid places at the start of the next race,the Korean GP, because-wait for it- he hitched a ride back to the pits on Alonso's Ferrari after his engine exploded on the last lap.In days gone by this would have been seen as a bit of fun and camaraderie but nowadays no one is allowed to smile or have fun in F1 or many other branches of motor sport.Poo faces are compulsory.All offenders will be penalised.
Webber will be glad to be out of F1 and particularly the poisonous atmosphere of the Red Bull team.His place is being taken by another Aussie, Daniel Ricciardo, who has said that he gets on well with Figjam Vettel.Don't kid yourself Daniel.No one gets on well with Seb except Seb.He thinks that sportsmanship is a boat you race in the America's Cup.I am sure that by the end of the 2014 season Ricciardo will have changed his tune.Like a lamb to the slaughter.
* "F... I'm good -just ask me"

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