15 Sep 2013

911 50th Anniversary -Sydney

I took part in the Porsche 911 50th Anniversary drive across the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning.Organised by Porsche Cars Australia and led by a Porsche Museum 911 100 911s from the Porsche Club of NSW took part in the run.The 7.00 am assembly time down at the Rocks in Sydney meant getting up before the kookaburras in Terrigal but it was fast run down the M1 in my 1971 2.2 which ran faultlessly all day -as always- although a vibration from the front end at high speed on the motorway may be worn wheelbearings.I will jack it up and investigate tomorrow.

Led by a police liveried Panamera it was a 10min run across the bridge in single file at  8.00 am and then onto a breakfast at Taronga Zoo.The weather gods were smiling as rain threatened but the bridge crossing was in sunshine.

A great turnout of 911s from the club-mostly older cars.There is going to be a Porsche official video of the event including aerial footage from both a helicopter and a drone on Youtube within a few days so I will post a link to that when it is up.
The view from the function centre at the zoo where we had breakfast was worth the trip.See final photo.

Thanks to Porsche Cars for this big budget event and the great gifts - including a superb calendar which has some great use of  Photoshop-more on that in another post -and also thanks for the gift of a 50th anniversary 911 - pity that it was only a model though.

Here's my personal take on the wonderful assortment of participating cars in the assembly area - sorry no pics of the actual bridge crossing but I was driving and that was demanding enough. Leica X1 photos

I must get that clock fixed


  1. Nice photo's John.
    Due to work commitments missed this one time event! Would love to have seen the 911 50th Anniversary spectacle. Darrell Yensch

  2. your car is briefly on the video John, well the back of it and number plate.