19 Jul 2013

Bernie to face the beak

Formula one supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, has been indicted in Germany on bribery charges.See Bernie snared .
Plenty of other reports across the media.Of course as you would expect F1 team bosses are saying to the media what a top guy Bernie is and how he has made F1 what it is today.No disagreements from me on the second point.And you would expect the acolytes to say nice things about him as he has made a lot of others very rich as well as himself.
The German banker who he is alleged to have bribed has already been found guilty and will be eating a lot sauerkraut and rye bread courtesy of the German prison system for the next 8 years.
However even if Bernie is found guilty and is forced to resign as F1 supremo-or when he does eventually fall off the twig-his departure will be too late to save F1.The culture of F1 is irreparably damaged and it will never be a sport again.
In the meantime Bernie will have to enjoy the company of his new 36 year old Brazilian wife and wait for that knock on the door.I'd tell her to hold the sauerkraut Bernie.Just in case.

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