4 Jul 2013

A 911 sow's ear into a silk purse

My yellow 2.7 has been rejuvenated.Whilst I have always been relaxed about the rather tatty paintwork an expert convinced me that in fact some heavy duty rejuvenation work could really bring the paint up without the expense of a total respray.The yellow paint was faded and on some panels "milky".A previous owner had a light blow over/touch-up done on some panels and this had left an orange peel effect.The bonnet was stone chipped and was bubbling and the bumpers and mirrors and lower panels were stone chipped.
Anyway whilst I was away travelling in France the car was rejuvenated.The bonnet was stripped to the bare metal and resprayed as were the mirrors and the front and rear bumpers and the lower panels.The rest of the car was expertly sanded and polished.The orange peel and dead paint has gone and the original paint has a mirror like finish as have the repainted parts and the bonnet.
And it looks superb.Sure there are still a few chips on the door edges and some old rough points but otherwise it looks like a complete new paint job.A show and shine contender.And it seems to run better as well.....
Some photos of the final car and the work in progress.The workshop photos are from a phone.  


  1. Nice one John,you have convinced me to get my cars paint,cut and polished by a pro,again it looks great.

  2. Oh man, it looks so nice! I want one some day... Great photos in your site, thanks!

    Best wishes from Finland!