13 Jul 2013

14-15th June 2014

That's the date of the 2014 Le Mans 24 hour race when the works Porsche team returns as a serious contender for outright victory with the, as yet unseen, 918 hybrid sports car with Mark Webber in the driver lineup.
Three weeks later on 4-6th July it is the Le Mans Classic.Shouldn't be too difficult to entertain yourself in France for 3 weeks -- if the Visa card is up to it- then you can do both.
Had to find a photo which conveyed the atmosphere of the 24 hour race and settled on this one.Taken the saturday evening of the 2011 race- which was the tightest finish in the race's history -from the ferris wheel in the fairground beside the Porsche curves.Aerial photography for 5 Euros.For those who are interested in such matters it was taken with my Leica X1 as a jpeg file.A shutter speed of 1/500th second made sure there was no camera shake from my lofty perch.
And if for some weird reason you think that Mark Webber is taking a step down moving into sports cars from formula one reflect on the words of Michele Alboreto- a former Ferrari F1 driver who stepped up into sports cars after retiring from F1 and who was sadly killed testing an Audi sports car in 2001-"Formula one for kids.Sports cars for men." Could not have put it better myself.

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