24 Jun 2013

Le Mans 2013

Despite being in France upto a few days before the race I did not go to the Le Mans 24 hour race this year.This was for a variety of reasons including travel logistics but mainly because I was not keen to make all that effort to see another Audi procession.And I was right.Audi won again although a Toyota finished second with another Audi third.
Porsche made a bettter showing than their dismal performances of recent years with 911s winning both the GT categories.
The weather was dismal- it was cold and wet although it had been over 30ºC earlier in the week and I was not the only one who made the decision to stay at home going by the small numbers of spectators in the stands on the TV video.
The race was marred by the death of Danish driver,Allan Simonsen,whose works Aston Martin crashed at Tetra Rouge on the third lap of the race.It was the first fatality at Le Mans for 27 years.
Hopefully the return of Porsche into the top category in 2014 will provide a much needed boost to the race although apparently the Porsche hybrid is a very complex machine and it may take a few outings to sort out.Anyway let's hope that 2014 is a real race with better weather.

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