30 May 2013

Demolition Derby sur Med

"Seems very loose.I can't understand it.It was a very tight fit when Seb wore it at the same age."
I did not watch the Monaco GP but I have seen the TV coverage of the demolition derby and it totally perplexes my why they continue to hold a Grand Prix on the streets of Monaco.Elsewhere wonderful tracks have lost their grand prix because they are not deemed safe and yet compared to Monaco they are very safe.And all the new super circuits have massive run off areas and at Monaco there are none.Silverstone nearly lost the British Grand Prix because the pit and paddock facilities were not adequate for the prima donnas of the F1 circus and yet at Monaco the pits and paddock barely exist.Talk about money talking and rampant hypocrisy.
I guess that Monaco only keeps the Grand Prix because it is Monaco.It used to be a rather charming, slightly seedy place full of greying tax exiles,displaced members of East European royal families waiting patiently for communism to fall so that they could reclaim their thrones as well as other assorted timewasters.The architecture was rather grand and place had a faded charm.Now it is just horrible.Blingsville sur Med.Massive blocks of tasteless apartments crowding each other out have replaced the harbour view villas.The setting is still magnificent but that is all.The streets are full of black supercars and the place is full of Russian oligarchs and people who come from countries the names of which end in"stan".It has to be said that many of the Russian billionaires are big hearted as they bring their young nieces with them to enjoy the delights of Monaco.
That's Monaco today and it really is the sort of place where the current masters of F1 feel right at home.Hence the demolition derby continues.And it will continue until the cost in broken cars or possibly broken drivers becomes too much.
That great shining example of German sportsmanship Seb Vettel came second in the GP and immediately Red Bull lodged a protest as they were under the impression that Seb had been promised that he would win every grand prix this year by fair means or foul and coming second was not in the plan and if he wasn't given first place he would throw all his eight teddys out of his pram- again.
And thanks to the sweet little boy photographed at last weekend's Rennsport.He has nothing to do with the obnoxious Seb.I just could not help myself.

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