24 Apr 2013

OMG-a suede Porsche !

Spotted on a street in Soho London a few weeks ago -- yes that is snow on the roof-a Porsche covered in suede! Yuk.There should be a law against it.I thought that a matte black paint job was as bad as it could get but this is worse.It is almost sacrilege.But there's no accounting for taste and as I keep telling myself -each to his own.
Presumably the adhesive used to attach the suede totally destroys the paintwork so when the owner comes to his senses ,or wants to sell the car,a complete respray is required.

April 28th Note -since the original post above I have been told  via a comment that the statement re the paintwork is"rubbish" ( aside -why are so many people so aggressive on the internet? Although to be fair this respondent was decent enough to give his name and not hide behind"anon" as so many do).Anyway I do stand corrected as it is apparently possible to cover your car in a "wrap" and not harm its paintwork.I will resist the temptation.The same respondent advised me that this particular car is owned by a wealthy individual.Probably a statement of the bleeding obvious but there I have posted it.


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