15 Mar 2013

8 years on

The Rolling Road has frequently lamented the rise of indiscriminate snapping where smartphone and digital camera users and now even tablet users take photos everywhere all the time.
To me these "snappers" are often missing the very event they came to see.You see them everywhere particularly in magnificent buildings such as Strasbourg Cathedral.Tourists who have spent thousands of dollars to come and take in these magnificent sights (and sites) and then spend their whole visit peering at an LCD screen snapping away.And what do they do with the photos?
I am not alone in this lament - I see it being mentioned on other photo sites as well.
That it has reached plague proportions is shown by the two images below.Both are from St Peters Square as new Popes were proclaimed.The first is from 2005 when Benedict was announced and the second was yesterday.What a difference 8 years makes .And what a waste waiting all those hours to see the new Pope but then only to see him on a little LCD.
Photos sourced from NBC who originally sourced them from AP.

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