21 Feb 2013

Now this is understeer.....

A Mini showing amazing understeer at Kidney Bend in the saloon car support race at 1968 British Grand Prix meeting,Brands Hatch UK.It is not starting to spin-this is the normal cornering angle.
The Minis were giant killers taking the fight to the front running cars -particularly the Jaguars - up until the mid 60's when a new class of competitors -particularly Escorts,Lotus Cortinas and Ford Falcons- outpaced them.Nonetheless even in this their twilight period the Minis were still spectacular to watch.The drivers kept their pedals to the metal and did not lose momentum on the corners making up for a lack of power by amazing cornering speed.The front tyres barely lasted a 20 lap race-look at that tyre smoke.

Photo taken by me on my 1936 Leica 3A with a 50mm Elmar lens (my only lens at the time) on Kodak Tri-X film- home processed and dried in a very dusty place going by all the dust specks on the negative.
A vintage photograph taken with a vintage camera a long time ago.Amazing to recollect that in 1968 when I bought the Leica it was still considered an almost contemporary design- cameras progressed very slowly then.Today last year's camera is considered ancient by many photographers.
Over the weekend I have found hundreds more interesting photos in the muddle which I laughingly call my archives.I now need to find a monastery full of monks prepared to scan them in for me as it is very tedious and slow work which I do not enjoy.What a pity they did not invent digital cameras 40 years earlier.


  1. As interesting as your photos are, I would volunteer to scan them for you! Just slide a pizza under the door occasionally and I'm good... :)