28 Jan 2013

Storm and tempest

After a very hot January and a beautiful Australia Day on Saturday the weather changed with a vengance overnight on Saturday and we have had torrential rain for 48 hours as the remains of a cyclone off the east coast move south.Further north in Queensland and N NSW there is severe flooding and now (10.05 pm) we are taking the full force of cyclonic winds as I type this .It is frightening in the house as the wind whistles and the house creaks (it is all steel and glass)and that large gum tree out the back is moving alarmingly and looking very threatening.The cats are very nervous - that makes four of us.It's amazing that we still have power given the movement in the power lines which are all above ground around here.I have torches at the ready.
I went down to the esplanade at 5.00 pm to hopefully get some photos of the boiling ocean but the wind/rain was way too strong and I faced coming back with a very wet Leica so I took this bleak shot through the car window and came home.


  1. Hi John. We've got the other end of your storm I think. According to WindGuru, the wind is gusting at 66km/h at Cape Point - visible about 12km across False Bay. The sun is shining though and if the bloody wind wasn't howling so hard, it would be around 28C, the barbeque would be on and I'd be slugging down a glass of something cold, wet and alcoholic.

    As it is, I'll just settle for the latter and stare out of the window ;-)

  2. HiJohn,not much joy here in Brisbane,280mm in two days,unreal,stay safe. ps love your blog.