18 Jan 2013

Myanmar and The Life of Pi

Photographed this wonderful tiger in a shrine in Yangon a few weeks ago.Nice link to the amazing film of The Life of Pi which I saw this morning .No wonder the tough Sydney Morning Herald film critic gave it five stars--it is a masterpiece.A must see.Quite brilliant.
And here's why I was at the cinema on a sunny summer's morning.

It was the hottest temperature ever recorded in Sydney CBD today -45ºC and up here in Terrigal it reached 44ºC this afternoon as my weather station showed .It was a very warm 29ºC in the house which is why I was in an airconditioned cinema.For those still using the fahrenheit scale that's 111ºF which is incredibly hot for coastal NSW .Small lizards were dying in the pool as they sought relief.
The fire situation is chronic but relief from the heat is on its way with a cool change promised late this evening.It cannot come a minute too soon.This is hell .

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  1. Grrreat tiger photo! This rates right up there with some of your live "big cat" travel shots.