17 Nov 2012

From the land of fush 'n shups

I've just spent six days in New Zealand - the land where fish and chips (or as the locals-Kiwis- say - fush 'n shups) is the national dish.I've been there many times but on every visit I find myself thinking that it is an extraordinary place- a new landscape around every corner and so empty with a small population spread over two large,rugged islands with fjords,glaciers,active volcanoes,amazing coastline,rolling pastures, vineyards,interesting villages and towns and some really dreary cities. Even some young boys doing the Haka - the traditional Maori war dance on a wharf and a dolphin lolling in a calm sea.

It's a wonderful place for driving .Oh to have had my early 911 as
the roads are brilliant,demanding,in excellent condition and are nearly empty once you are away from the cities.Joy.It's no wonder that Kiwis are very over represented in the list of great racing drivers.

I took few photos on this visit but tried to make those I did take count. Slow travel photography with a compact digital camera.Six photos from my six days.All Leica X1 photos taken on the N Island .

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