12 Sep 2012


After 4 weeks of really hot weather a big cold front came through on Friday night so I drove up to Toronto on Saturday from Erie (rhymes with dreary-not a coincidence) in appalling conditions - high winds and driving rain.The Avis renter Impala moved around in the wind and was very twitchy on standing water and particularly coming through the curves on and off the freeway ramps.Maybe I've been spoilt driving too many good cars over the years but it was not an enjoyable drive and it was nearly 300 kms.
Drove around Buffalo which looked a bleak and rundown city-no different to so many de-industrialised cities in the US.Oh,unhappy days.
Toronto is not an elegant city but it is a lively place .On Sunday morning we went to a large antique market ,well more like a flea market ,and there was this early Polaroid Land camera outfit -complete in the original case and in excellent condition for sale .The vendor wanted $175 for it .I'm not sure if this is a fair price but you'd have to be a specialist collector to be interested.
I went onto the roof of our hotel to get the shot of Toronto at dawn on Monday .I reckon that this may be as picturesque as Toronto gets .Leica X1 photos


  1. Cool shots, John. Did you make Niagra Falls yet? Only time I've been near Buffalo was on my way there once.

  2. you should have stopped at hamilton....waaayyyy cooler than toronto