25 Jun 2012

Pies and Porsches

Classic Porsche drive into the Blue Mountains on sunday.A great turnout of 29 very polished cars-356s,a 912,long nose 911s and big bumper 911s.Beautiful clear winter's day, great drive route.Very little traffic and a great destination.Thanks Pie in the Sky.
A good cup of coffee,a hot pie and plenty of time to stand around in the sun talking Porsches.What more could one ask?
One of the best days in my 11 years of Porscheing.

Total trip 315 kms for my 2.2 (BDY 54N ) which ran beautifully in the cold air but those Webers guzzled fuel with the hard on and off the throttle driving.Thanks Warren for setting a really spirited pace despite all those slippery,damp patches on the road under the trees from Spencer up Mangrove Mountain on the way home-I really had to work to keep up with you.
I noticed when I changed down a tad too early on one fast tight section that the ignition cut out (rev limiter) did not work (7800!).Took off the rotor button today and found that the little sprung sliding piece was sticking.Put in a spare which I had on the shelf.Engine sounds fine -- well it was only for a fraction of a second.Leica X1 photos.

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